About CasaBlanca

As a leading manufacturer with over 30 years of experience and expertise, Casablanca continues to strive for the highest quality in wool products.

At Casablanca we take great pride in producing outstanding quality carpet. The quality of our wool carpets starts with the use of the premium yarns. The emphasis of quality continues with superior craftsmanship in our tufting facilities in Australia and focus of our quality inspection department. Nothing is left to chance, ensuring a superior result every time, with local, Australian based after sales support that you can rely on.

Based in Australia, we do not only have a love for wool we also love the animals. Protecting sheep and giving them no harm is also a very important pillar for us.

Our products currently range from bedding products including quilts, underlay to interior products including all sizes of rugs and carpets. We continue to increase our range to everyday products including clothing, shoes and much more.

Why CasaBlanca

1. NOT in Pieces

Casablanca  carpets is not in pieces or loop pile carpet.  We use only A grade lamb skin

2. Long-lasting Durability

Each carpet is manufactured with ultimate care, to the highest standards using only premium lamb skin. This ensures that Casablanca carpets deliver warmth and comfort and remain soft underfoot while withstanding the demands of a busy home and family.

3. Quality Assurance

All Casablanca  carpets are classified by the Woolmark ® . This logo reach requirements detailed in Woolmark ® SI Specification in relation to colour and light fastness, wash ability and other required performance standards. The Woolmark ® brand is the world’s best known textile fibre brand providing consumers with an independent guarantee of fibre content and assurance of quality.

4.CASA and the Environment

At Casablanca, we recognise the importance of sustainable manufacturing and seek to minimise environmental impact through the implementation of environmentally responsible practices.

Leading by example, Casablanca  carpet is committed to fostering environmentally responsible behavioural change to help establish a sustainable future from the floor up.

Casablanca  Carpets Environmental Management System (EMS) facilitates sustainable manufacturing.

Casablanca  Carpets  Tanned using EcoTan™, the most natural tanning process available, so has the health of your baby and the environment in mind. Sanitized® for cleanliness, protecting against harmful bacteria and odours for the life of the product.

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